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I have an 82 1100 GW I run a 134 carb with a 145 main jet(the one inside the bowl) and 40 pilot jet.(the one on the side of carb). I have2000 miles on it now works great.
I got the H30 and now I am getting the lean mixture and screwing the volume screw outward does not help, I will go back to the 134 and hope for a better adjustment.
This is what I am trying to find out and get the answer to, 1. How many turns have others used for the Volume screw and the Bypass screw for a standing still running and when the bike is under power without cutting back, I have the EMPI 134 PICT 3 CARB which came with the conversion kit.
I have been following your threads for your conversion and I don't think you will solve your issues turning the adjustment screws... The Bypass adjustment should be set where it was at when new (if you don't remember where it was set it to mid-position), and the Volume adjustment 2 1/2 to 3 turn out. You need to open the carburetor and change the jetting. If the carb came new it probably has a 55 idea jet you need to reduce that to a 35 but a 40 would help. The main is probably a 140, try a 130, if it improves you're going in the right direction. The 34 PICT 3 is not too big for your 1200 cc engine, I suspect the jetting might be setup for a 1600 cc VW engine.

Here's some more suggestions about tuning;
do a compression check (maybe your popping is the result of valve timing or adjustment)
learn to read the spark plugs (do a plug chop at idle mid-range and WOT) all your plugs should look the same
put a vacuum gauge on and check for possible leaks (this is a better tuning indicator then the tach bouncing around)

That's all I got from 1200 miles away.

Later, Bud...
On my 134 EMPI I have a 60 idle jet and a 127.5 main jet, I will reduce the 60 to a 55 and the 127.5 to a 120 and see how that goes, thanks for the other routes of advice.
Here's a link to a thread that describes both of the carbs you are working with :: Bay Window Bus - View topic - Idle adjust on 34 PICT-3 FAQ

The H30/31 as best I can tell is identical to the 34-3 but has a smaller throttle plate. The 30 PCIT 1 does not have a By-pass screw only an air mixture screw.

Good luck getting your dialed-in, Bud...
Thanks Low Rider the schematic pic are good info to keep. But does the 1000+100 rpm for the goldwing 4 carb version thrown out the window and should follow the 950 rpm recommendations??
I don't know how accurate 40 year old tach will be so I don't depend on one a 100%. My bike idles around 1100-1200 RPM. After warming up it might drop to 900. But it is smooth and doesn't fluctuate when idling. And 900 sounds more like 700 to me.

Also, I still think a 55 idle jet is too large. The smallest jBugs list is a 40. You might try sealing the 60 with JB Weld or solder and drilling it with a Pin Drill to about half its size. (get the drills real cheap at Harbor Freight).

Later, Bud...
WoW! $24.00 for a single carburetor jet? I think that is why I soldered the end and drilled it to determine if I needed the smaller jet before I ordered it. Just a suggestion.

I am now trying the 50 idle jet and a 120 main jet and it is now starving for fuel, the Bypass screw is 2 turns out and the volume screw is 4 turns out, I will tamper with the volume jet tomorrow to see if the smaller jets ate the key.
Thanks, After letting it run, I think I will increase the main jet from the 120 to the 127.5 for higher rpms over 2000 rpms.
Cw,which carb are you refering to?
Thanks, After letting it run, I think I will increase the main jet from the 120 to the 127.5 for higher rpms over 2000 rpms.
Today I switched out the jets on the EMPI 34 PICT3 IDLE JET FROM THE 50 TO A 55 AND THE 120 MAIN JET TO TJE 127.5, It is too late for me to start it this afternoon, but I will start fresh with the initial setting all over sgain.
I have not an answer or clue to what you guys are talking about jets. Heck I had to ask questions on how to change the front tire. Thank God for this format about GW I'm learning something every day. Here's a picture of my baby with new shoes.


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